What's New with AudioArt?

If you have visited the site previously you may have noticed that there is a new look to the old place. When I went to the WordPress blogging software for the AudioArt blog I set up this scheme for the blog. I am now making the rest of the site match the blog. The background images are available from my background image site: Symmetrical Backgrounds.

I have recently built and begun to use a digital mixing system that runs on a PC. This is a very powerful software package that includes most of the features found in the finest hardware digital mixing consoles. For more information visit my new site: Mixer In A Box. I am also offering to assemble these systems for others. Visit the site for the details!!

I have put up a Live Sound Wiki and Live Sound Forum. Both of them can be reached through this portal page. They both need contributors. If you are interested in live sound please sign up for the forum. Ask and answer questions and make it a useful community! If you have knowledge of topics in the live sound arena please consider contributing to the wiki. 

Note: The wiki project is currently on hold because of comment spammers. I have not yet dug into the software to see if I just missed turning on comment spam protection or if the software lacks adequate protection. If the protection is not built in I will need to find some other software to use in its place. Thanks!

I am consolidating my old blogs into one WordPress blog with individual pages to cover the previous blogs. The New AudioArt Sound Blogs will replace the original pages. The old pages are now in the archives. There are also RSS feeds available if you are interested in keeping up with my latest adventures.

If you work events or are looking to staff an event check out our staff referral site at: Event Staff Online

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