Our Live Recordings

Here I plan to provide some live recordings of artists with whom I have worked around the country.  I have a few samples available at the present time.  I still have some processing to do on much of the material that I have. I lost several hours of work when my old computer decided to re-address a major portion of a hard drive.  I tried searching the drive with a data recovery program, but it appears that it is well hidden.  I had several CD's worth of music and a bunch of pictures that are now lost in cyberspace.  

I have now made available a few songs from Magda Hiller's performance at the Deland Fall Festival of the Arts in the fall of 2006.  There are also a few songs from Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers that were recorded June of 2007 at the motorcycle rally in Laconia, NH.  As I have mentioned elsewhere, if you click on the artist's picture on the media player it will open the artist's website in a new window.  The media player will keep playing in the background.  I have space for a couple more artists so I hope to get some more music up soon.

The media player that I use for this is a flash based media player.  It is a freeware/shareware player developed by a musician in New Hampshire.  It works very well with a broadband connection.  Friends who have dial-up have told me that it does not work so good for them.  If you are using a dial-up connection, I think that if you hit the pause button when the player loads, and give it time to download before hitting play, that it would work.  I have viewed it in Internet Explorer and in the FireFox browsers.   You can see the download progress in the channel of the slider.  If you wait until the channel is nearly full before hitting play it should work fine.  I have not tried this as I did not put a dial-up modem in the new computer.   These are mp3 files, so they are not too big, but they are by no means small either.  Most are in the 3 to 4 Mb range.

The artists picture on the right side of the player has an embedded link that will open their website in a new window.  If they should have a sound byte on their entry page it will play as well as what is playing on the media player.  It would be best to stop one or the other.  Below the picture is a link to the developer's web page.

Click on the artist picture above for several of their songs.

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