New for 2010 Bikeweek

March 2nd, 2010
For the first time in many years I do not have a production gig for bikeweek. I am mixing the evening bands at the Full Moon Saloon on Main Street in Daytona. This is also the first time that I have worked the rally on Main Street. Main Street is the heart of the rally. People tend to go to Main Street first and then spread out to the outlying areas. There The Rest of the Story [...]

Live Sound Mixing Tips

February 13th, 2010
I have a site called Mixing Live Sound that I put up to give some information on that subject. I have added a blog to the site. I titled the blog 'Live Sound Mixing Tips'. I intend to post a tip at least once a week on the blog. Blogs get indexed relatively quickly much of the time. I am hoping that the blog will draw some additional traffic to the The Rest of the Story [...]

AudioArt MusicPlayer Site Updated

January 24th, 2010
For several seasons I have had a CD burner in my house rack. I have recorded many shows along the way. Most of the CDs go directly to the Artists, but occasionally I end up with one or make a copy. I have put a few of these recordings up on my site AudioArt MusicPlayer. Some of the music is also on this site, but there is a bit more available on the The Rest of the Story [...]

Mixing by Remote Control

August 4th, 2009
Over the weekend I had two gigs. I used the remote functions of my SAC system for the first time. I have a netbook on which I installed the remote software. This was a fun way to work. Neither of the gigs lent themselves to a conventional set-up. The first was a band gig playing for a fund raiser. At fundraisers the producers never leave space for The Rest of the Story [...]

Northern Exposure

July 4th, 2009
I have recently returned from a trip to the great Northeast. I made my usual June excursion to the Laconia Motorcycle Rally. The event was an eight day event this year. In years past there was a problem with the first Friday and Saturday of the event in that these were not officially rally days. The noise ordinance kicked in at 10:00 PM. At some point The Rest of the Story [...]

Benefit Mixed in the Box

April 27th, 2009
Yesterday I participated in a benefit for a local musician who has been stricken with a serious illness that is preventing him from working. Reuben 'The Lounge Lizard' Morgan has been part of the local music scene for many years. He has played locally and generally promoted live music in the area. The community held a fund raiser to help out with his The Rest of the Story [...]

Announcement: Mixer In A Box

April 25th, 2009
I have begun to use a digital mixer that resides on a PC. This is a very reasonably priced entry into the world of digital live audio production. The mixer runs on the software package developed by RML Labs. RML Labs has had a studio software package available since the early '90's and has now added a live version - The Software Audio Console - also The Rest of the Story [...]

The Software Audio Console (SAC)

April 4th, 2009
As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been exploring the world of digital audio for the live situation. I decided to put together the SAC - Software Audio Console system. I have just completed the system and am beginning the test procedure. I hope to use it live at a club gig next weekend. I have been posting progress reports on the I Built My The Rest of the Story [...]

New Look

February 15th, 2009
The Blog is now sporting a new look. One of the frequent updates to the WordPress software was released recently. I had been using a modification of the default theme, but each WP update replaces all the files in the default theme folder. That means that all my customizations are lost. I have been using a rather generic third party theme on many The Rest of the Story [...]

Digital Audio

February 15th, 2009
I am exploring entering the digital audio age through an software audio console. There are some very enthusiastic supporters of the software. I have been researching this approach for the last few days. The options seem to be nearly endless. The software will handle 72 channels of audio and has flexible internal virtual patching. I am way behind The Rest of the Story [...]