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My primary business is sound and lighting contractor. I set up and operate sound and lighting for concerts, conventions, and events. Occasionally I work a band gig in a club. I do rentals of equipment and sound systems. I also freelance as a front of house engineer from time to time.

My specialty is sound and lighting for motorcycle rallys.  My primary customer is the BrokenSpoke Saloon.  I have worked several rallies a year with the 'Spoke for the past 12 years, including events in Daytona, Myrtle Beach, SC, Laconia, NH, Sturgis, SD, and Milwaukee.

I am now using a virtual digital mixing system for any shows or events that I mix. The software is the Software Audio Console (SAC) product from RML Labs. I currently have 32 channels available, but the system is expandable for up to 72 channels. This system saves carrying a hardware console and signal processing rack. It has remote control facilities and all the bells and whistles.

I have included weather banners on this page for the major rally grounds that I work around the country.  The Sturgis banner is actually for Rapid City, South Dakota.  Rapid City is about 30 miles from Sturgis, but it is the closest reporting station available from the provider of the service.   Likewise, the Angel City weather is actually for Macon, Georgia, the closest reporting station that I could find.

To balance out the table I included banners for Council Bluffs, Iowa, my old home town, and Atlanta, Georgia, the home of my daughter and grandson.

Click for Daytona Beach, Florida Forecast

~  Myrtle Beach, SC  |  Laconia, NH  |  Sturgis, SD  ~

Click for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Forecast|Click for Laconia, New Hampshire Forecast|Click for Rapid City, South Dakota Forecast

~  Council Bluffs, IA  |  Angel City, GA  |  Atlanta, GA  ~

Click for Council Bluffs, Iowa Forecast|Click for Macon, Georgia Forecast|Click for Atlanta, Georgia Forecast
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